Healing Light Qigong - Balancing Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit
Qigong is the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine developed thousands of years ago to balance the body and harmonize with nature. These wise ancient people knew then what science is just now finding to be true: that our body is made of energy. Energy can be cultivated to flow smoothly through our body to create healthful well being. This energy is called Qi (pronounced "chee").
When Qi is flowing freely through the body you feel relaxed and energized; you feel balanced, healthy and alive.  You feel mental clarity and emotional stability which in turn brings you closer to your inner spiritual being.
My work with a client clears the energy field and allows the body, mind and spirit to feel in balance.  Qigong practices use a combination of tools (intention, breath, postures, movement, light, color and sound) to restore the balance of Qi in your body. I teach the client Qigong exercises that they can do at home to continue with the balancing practice.
My intention is to help people to learn that they can help themselves to be happier and healthier by adding a Qigong practice to their daily routine.
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